Graphic designer and Image editor
Current workplace since March 2023
Graphic design, layout, image management and edits images for Skanska's image bank.

Åka Skidor
Art Director
Current workplace since August 2017
I am Art Director with responsibility for the entire magazine. It also includes graphic identity and how the magazine should look in different channels. But I also write and photograph sometimes as well. Plus, I contribute with filmed and edited material. And produce the Åka Ski podcast on top of that.

Åre Bike Festival
Art Director
Current workplace since Fall 2020
Graphics and brand identity.

Graphic designer
Current workplace since April 2021

Art Director
Current workplace since Mars 2018
Head of designing business to business magazine Sportfack.

Försvarets Forum
Graphic Designer
April 2020
Freelance layout for issue 02-2020.

Art Director
Mars 2018 – September 2018
Freelance Art Director for six months.

Art Director
April 2018
Freelance Art Director for one issue.

Ski Lodge Engelberg Bulletin
Art Director
Fall 2017
Freelance Art Director.

Aller Media AB
Graphic Designer 
July 2009 – June 2017
Started in the summer of 2009 at the magazine Café

• I worked primarily with the design of the magazine and as an image editor. I did also participated as art director at photo shoots and had contact with photographers prior to shoots. 

• In 2013 I developed and designed Café's digital iPad magazine. Worked with UX and how a magazine should be experienced digitally and be a good reading experience and how to use movable material in a iPad-magazine. 

• I've written a lot over the years. Mainly about work out, travel and skiing. I had the blog Epic on Café.se during 2015-2016. 

• In the fall of 2015 I went started working 50/50 for the magazines Café and Residence

• Since the summer of 2016, Residence has been exchanged for the three Elle titles at the Aller Meedia. Elle, Elle Decoration and Elle Mat & Vin where I work with layout of the magazines. There I was in charge for Elle Beauty appendix.

• In addition to the designing of Café, I have also worked with news graphics and maps. I’ve also done some illustrations and done som photoshoots and portraits for Café magazine. 

Over the years I'v been involved in the redesign of the Café and worked on idiom, elements and graphics for the magazine and events. Among other things, for Cafés Stora Modepris and Sveriges Bäst Klädda Man. 

Over the years I've had union responsibility with work environment and is safety at Aller Media.

At Café I was responsible for interns and design trainees. Over the years I have taken care of and educated almost 15 interns.

Freelance Art Director
August 2008 – October 2009
Worked for almost a year as a freelance Art Director, mainly in editorial design and redesign in parallel with being Art Director at three quarterly magazines; Surfing, Kom Ut and Kvinnotryck.

Together with Pompe Hedengren we did the redesign on the magazines Form, Kom Ut, Kollega, Pedagogiska Magasinet, Svensk Skattetidning, Telia and Axess Magasin.
In the meantime, I also worked on developing logotypes, record covers and wedding invitations.

Graphic designer
June 2008 - October 2008
After my graduation from Berghs, I got a substitute in the magazine Vi where I had my internship. Worked there from June to October. Ended my time at Vi by developing the design for the then new magazine Vi Läser together with Carl Skoglund.

Art Director
Spring 2008 – Autumn 2009
As a thesis at Berghs, I founded a magazine. It became Surfing, Sweden's first surf magazine.

Web reporter
February 2006 - May 2006
Reporter at and editor at Kanal5 Text-TV. Wrote a lot about news, entertainment, sports and the Olympics in Turin. Unfortunately, I'm responsible for the "monsterchock"...

Gefle Dagblad
Photographer and in-house designer
May 1998 - January 2006
Started as a freelance photographer at the late shifts and weekends during high school. Continued as a freelance photographer after graduation and had several longer substitutes during maternity leave for a colleague.
Worked full time as a photographer from Mars 2004 until I resigned in early 2006 to move to Stockholm and study design.

I also worked as an in-house designer at the advertising department of Gefle Dagblad and Arbetarbladet during the summers of 2000, 2001 and 2007.


Driven art director and graphic designer with typographic strength and background as a photographer. Long experience of working in graphic, digital and editorial design with full control on every detail throughout the process.

A passionate creator who loves to produce everything from graphic design to content for the web, social media and writing articles and portraits of interesting people.

Today I work as a freelance graphic designer designer and Art Director with various graphic and editorial assignments. In addition to that I produce and edit podcasts.

See myself as a happy, open and positive person with a passion for being outdoors.


Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
• Photo / Movie / Edititng
• WordPress
• Acast Create / Audacity


Best Design
European Publishing Awards (2021)


Berghs School of Communication 
Graphic Design
(2006 - 2008) 

Berghs School of Communication 
Graphic Design and Media Communications
(2002 - 2003) 

High School 
Media and communication
(1997 - 2000)


B-license since June 2000

Swedish champion on 4 x 100 m relay 1998 & 1999.

During the studies at Berghs me and some classmates got published with a few design-projects in the D & AD book 2007 and 2008.

I’ve shaped, designed and hand drawn the graphics on my own surfboard.


Swedish – Native language
English – Speech and writing
German – High School
French – Duolingo
Spanish – Mucho, it means much to them

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